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Pearl the June birthstone

Pearl was the first promise or engagement ring given, long before diamonds.  June is the month of Pearl. Your birthstone if you were born in this month. Created when an irritant gets into the tissue of a mollusk or an oyster.

Think about that the next time a pebble gets in your shoe.

Color! By Belle e Toile

Get your color on ladies! It's Spring and the state is almost open!

Officina Bernardi

Coming Soon!

What's the most reflective metal? If you said Silver you are correct!  The best Silver? Italian crafted.


Italian Silver

Coming soon!

Wrap yourself in Italian Silver and gemstones!!  Soon to be here..

May Birthstone - Emerald!

May is the month for Emerald.  If this is your birth month Emerald is your gemstone!  It is the sister stone to Aquamaring, Morganite, Goshinite and Helidor.  The blue, pink, white and yellow varities of beryl.  Emerald can only be graded as Emerald if the gemstone is of a particular saturation, otherwise it is deemed green beryl.


Lore has it that it is the stone of love, loyalty and domestic bliss.  Great attributes to go along with a gorgeous gemstone!

Mom modern, chic, timeless but always loved...