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Engagment Rings in Frankfort, IL

So you have found the perfect partner and you are ready to make that next step, but where do you start? At Distinctive Gold Jewlry in Frankfort, IL of course! With our over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry we have all the information you need to make the right steps towards marriage and finding the perfect engagement ring. So whether you are looking for more information on the 4C's of Diamonds (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) or just want to stop in to the store in Frankfort and talk to our experienced staff on where to start, stop in and start your journey.

What Kind of Engagement Ring to Get?

Engagement rings come in many different styles. Whether you are searching for vintage, modern, halo, or a three stone ring it is all about what her tastes are. Distincitvie Gold Jewelry in Frankfort, IL prides itself on finding the right ring and style that she prefers. What the staff at Distinctive Gold Jewelry focuses on is what style of ring best fits her personality. So whether she wants to re-create her grandmother's vintage engagement ring, add a diamond halo around it or change the cut from princess to cushion cut, what fits her personaility is what we focus on. From solitaire to princess cut engagement rings, finding the right diamond is just as important as the style of the wedding band or mounting.  As some of the more popular styles are hi-lighted below, we would like to mention that these are meerily suggestions and observations; Make your ring exactly the way you want it!



Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire Engagement Rings are one of the more popular styles of rings for your future spouse. These rings offer one stone and are seen as the "go to" for engagement rings. We have found this style of engagement ring to be more popular for someone looking for a more modern look. By far our most popular ring style, however keep in mind that all rings are different. Just as the couples who wear them and the weddings that are celebrated at. This ring, we have seen, is more popular with our younger customers, a bit more reserved, and ethical in their thinking. This style offers style at a cheaper price.




Halo Engagement Rings


The halo engagement ring is something that we just can't get over. Here at DGJ we LOVE the style it adds at the perfect price point. This diamond is high-set and is enhanced by the design of diamonds around it. This increase the look and "size" of the center diamond. While the classic choice of metal to enhance this look is white gold or platinum... as yellow gold makes a come-back... we love to see accents of yellow gold on a white gold halo engagement ring. We have seen many styles and designs of halo's from all across the community. This style is extremely popular with our customers looking to gain more flash, with a moderate price.



Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Ring is one of the more unique rings that has become more fashionable in recent times. This style of engagement ring is hard to place in one area within the community. We have seen couples from all over the community favor this style. While this is not seen as the most "iconic" engagement ring, it is still viewed as a classic. While this ring offers a more comforting look, it can also give a more unique look when paired with the right metal and cuts. The spin off this style is the new "Two Stone" Engagement Ring, gaining popularity in recent months.




Princess Cut Diamond

princess-cut-diamond frankfort il

The princess cut has become one of the front runners when it comes to modern diamond engagement rings. The ideal princess cut is something that is often hard to find. The princess cut diamond is one of the more intricate of cuts, but with a beautiful result. Often described as an “upside down pyramid” the cut allows the natural light come into the stone and refract perfectly, for beautiful results. Whether you’re an expert or nebie to diamonds, the popularity of the princess cut grows and grows as the diamond of choice.

Brilliant Cut Diamond

It’s hard to not call it a ‘round diamond’ but this shape is, and should always be called, a ‘brilliant cut’. It is the quintessential shape of all shapes. So classic that one may say “I’m looking for an engagment ring” without ever having to say the word ‘diamond’. Here in Frankfort, IL the brilliant cut is the most popular shape of all the diamond shapes. It will shine and sparkle like no other fancy shape diamond. It is the most durable, the most usable, and the most popular shape in our jewelry industry … the King of Kings.


Emerald Cut Diamond


The emerald cut diamond has seen a lot more popularity in recent years; especially with the more modern couples in Chicagoland. We have seen this diamond cut chosen as the alternative to the more traditional  cuts. It's popularity has grown and grown, especially for it's unique shape and brilliance it presents when it comes to diamonds. This is no doubt a non-mainstream cut, breaking it's way more and more into engagement rings in the Chicago area.


Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond, getting its name from a "pillow cushion" due to shape, has been gaining popularity amongst our local customers. It is a cut we here at Distinctive Gold Jewelry love as a colored stone as well, whether it is yellow, pink, or the infamous chocolate diamond. We recommend mounting the diamond in a halo setting. This mounting is best with a halo around the cushion shape to accentuate the look more a cushion as to not confuse it with a brilliant cut.




What About Lab Grown Diamonds?

It's the new revolution in Diamonds and it is at DGJ. Lab grown diamonds come in all the same cuts, clarity, and carats that your natural (mined) diamond does, but is eco-friendly and sustainable (and a fraction of the price). 100% real diamond, made in a lab.

Learn About Lab Created Diamonds

Guidelines for a Distinctive Proposal

Our Top Ten List to the Perfect Proposal

One thing that we hear and see all the time is how people can get overwhelmed when it comes to picking out the perfect ring, or just the entire process of weddings. We are here to take some of that anxiety and burden off; that's truly what are job is. We want you to have the perfect wedding and that starts with the perfect wedding ring and the perfect proposal. So whether you are a couple from Frankfort, New Lenox, Tinley Park IL, or Mokena we can help you get started here. Here is our checklist to rememeber when you are about to propose to your loved one!

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Engagement Ring Guide for Beginners

One thing that we know is that finding the perfect engagement ring is tough! We have taken the time to offer a really easy and quick infographic guide for any beginners. So whether you are looking for a bit more information or just don't know where to start you can find more about it here!

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