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Engagement Ring Guide for Beginners


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Engagement Ring Guide for Beginners

Picking an engagement ring can be a tough task. This guide is here to help give you a guide or checklist to know exactly what you are looking for and need before walking into the jewelry store. Finding the right ring within your budget is essential and your jeweler is here to help make that happen!

The Setting of the Ring

Picking your setting at the start helps you pick the overall theme, style and design of the engagement ring that you want, whether you are looking for a three stone ring, simple solitaire, halo or an accented ring. If you are looking for more styles such as a halo setting or others, view our rings and see which one sparks your interest!

The Shape of the Diamond

Choosing the right cut helps give the ring an overall impression. It’s one of the first things people will notice. So make it unique or keep it classic, either way, your jeweler can help you find exactly what you want! Your shape determines a lot about teh diamond you pick, so knowing this from teh start helps teh jeweler pick the diamond with the best cut, color, clarity, and carat for your ring.

The Cut of the Stone

Aside from the shape, the cut helps to let the light refract off of the crystalline structure of the diamond. This makes it sparkle and shine. The more ideal the cut, the more brilliant the stone. This image will give you a brief insight into the important aspects to any diamond’s cut.

The Color

The color of your diamond determines a lot about the stone. Typically the more colorless the diamond, the higher the quality and value. The color spectrum of diamonds may be tricky because the diamond color alphabet starts with ‘D’. This diagram can help you to better understand where the diamond you want falls on the chart!

Fancy Yellow Diamonds

These diamonds are more rare and valuable because their deep yellow color falls out of the normal spectrum range.

The Clarity

A truly perfect dimaond is hard to come by. For any diamond, the spots and specs that occur naturally are called ‘inlusions’ - these are minor imperfections in the stone that occur when they are formed. Inclusions occur naturally in all stones. Although most of these inclusions cannot be seen by the naked eye, you will want to be sure to pick the right quality for the best clarity.

The Carat

The carat is the unit in which diamonds are sized. The larger the carat, the larger the size of the diamond. The carat is based off of mass where one carat is equal to 200mg in weight.

If you are still stuck, not sure or need help planning a budget for the ring be sure to reach out to us at DGJ and we can help answer any questions that you have! And out final tip is once you get the ring you have always wanted, keep it clean and healthy by getting it repaired and serviced regularly!